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Automatic Motorized Durometer Stand (TECLOCK)

Automatic Motorized Durometer Stand (TECLOCK) Durometer Stand Teclock

Automatic Motorized Durometer Stand (TECLOCK)

Series : TEC-GS-610/ 710

Constant Pressure Load Instrument for Durometer

When hardness measurements are taken with the hand-push type durometers, there can be wide differences in the obtained values due to differences among users. Therefore, measurement stands in accordance with ISO and JIS standards have been commercialized to provide measurements with greater stability and higher reproducibility.

Automatic Motorized Durometer Stand

  • By simply operating switches, durometer measurements can be taken with the exact load and speed stipulated in the standards.

  • The use of a stepping motor when measuring rubber hardness allows for stable measurement results, greatly eliminating the data disparities common with the hand-push method.

  • The stand is equipped with an alignment unit to realize very good cohesion between the durometer indenter and test material.

  • 1kg measurements can be made using Type A and Type E durometers without any special modifications. The optional ZY-046 weight is required when taking measurements using Type D durometers. Likewise, the ZY-090 1kg weight is required when making measurements using GSD series of digital durometers.

  • ISO documents can be issued when using this stand. (option)


Measuring Load

Weight code

Weight code

Compatible durometer

1 KG weight

for Analog

TEC-ZY-089 (standard)

A, B, E, old A, old SRIS, O

for Digital

TEC-ZY-090 (option)

4KG weight

TEC-ZY-046 (option)

D, ASTM, C, DO, old JIS C


Lowering speed variable range

1-19mm/ sec. in 1mm/ sec. interval

Power source

AC 100V Adapter



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