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Polyurethane Products

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Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane Products

Product Name                          :           Polyurethane Foam
Product Description                 :           Rigid Polyurethane Foam that is produced from Bayer Chemical and is a fluorocarbon-blown Polyisocynurate based low density rigid Polyurethane foam system            
Grade                                      :           ASTM D 1621 (SISIR)
                                                           ASTM C 518 : 1991 (SISIR)


Polyurethane foam offers unique advantages over other types of insulation materials and provide greater insulate on efficiency.


1. Dimensionally Stable            -           Will not sag or buckle
2. Light Weight                         -           Easy to handle, transport and install, and can be cut with a saw
3. Low Thermal Conductivity    -           Less material used for insulation
4. Density                                -           Less material used for insulation
5. Durable                                -           Resistant to solvent and chemicals
6. Thermal Stability                  -           Can be used from -200°C to +110°C                      


Physical Properties

All Physical Test Data Values are on Samples
Density             Compressive (Kpa)                   Thermal Conductivity (W/m.k)
35 Kg/m3 @ 20°C                      130                                           0.020
50 Kg/m3 @ 30°C                      370                                           0.020
160 Kg/m3 @ 30°C                    1900                                         0.025               
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