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DAB Self Priming JET Electric Pumps

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DAB Self Priming JET Electric Pumps Water Pump DAB

DAB Self Priming JET Electric Pumps

Model: JET Series

JET Series  (Domestic use)

Having the operating advantages of centrifugal pumps joined with the reliability of self-priming pumps, thanks to “nozzle venturi” system incorporated.
To a good hydraulic efficiency, they add a remarkable pressure capability, and they are therefore suitable to be employed for raising water for domestic use, agriculture and industrial use coupled with an autoclave. They are indispensable in the case of suction from artesian wells to a maximum depth of 9 metres.
They can also operate with water containing particles of sand.


  1. Body and pump support in cast iron.
  2. Impeller, diffusor, venturi and nozzle in TECHNOPOLYMER A
  3. Shaft in chrome stainless steel
  4. High quality mechanical seal
  5. Rotor on amply dimensioned ball bearings
  6. Enclosed motor externally ventilated, IP44 protection, fan cover in pressed steel
  7. Windings in class F
  8. Capacitor permanently built-in single phase types
Max working pressure:
  • 6 Bar (JET 61, JET 81, JET 100)
  • 7.5 Bar (JET 151, JET 251)
Max water temperature: 40íŠ


Pump type Motor size Voltage 50Hz Ampere Capacitor
HP kW µF Vc
JET 61M 0.6 0.44 1-Phase 240V 2.48 12.5 450
JET 61T 3-Phase 240V/415V 1.9-1.1 - -
JET 81M 0.8 0.59 1-Phase 240V 3.26 14 450
JET 81T 3-Phase 240V/415V 2.57-1.48 - -
JET 100M 1 0.74 1-Phase 240V 4.4 16 450
JET 100T 3-Phase 240V/415V 3.02-1.74 - -
JET 151M 1.5 1.1 1-Phase 240V 7.15 25 450
JET 151T 3-Phase 240V/415V 4.9-2.84 - -
JET 251M 2.5 1.8 3-Phase 240V/415V 6.32-3.66 - -
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